School-wide Learning Expectations

St. George Graduates Will

Display their Christian faith by:

1 A - Demonstrating knowledge of Catholic scripture, tradition, doctrine and moral teachings.

1 B - Participating in liturgical celebrations and school prayer.

1 C - Engaging in acts of Christian service.

Demonstrate personal growth and leadership traits by:

2 A - Solving everyday conflicts respectfully.

2 B - Developing personal goals and evaluating progress.

2 C - Practice healthy habits.

2 D - Accepting responsibility in everyday lives.

Create relationship with the local and global community by:

3 A - Celebrating the unique gifts and talents of each of God's people.

3 B - Becoming responsible stewards of all the natural resources with which God has blessed us.

3 C - Maintaining Christian integrity in a changing world.

Demonstrate academic proficiency by:

4 A - Taking a disciplined, dedicated approach to academic excellence.

4 B - Applying analytical, ethical, logical, and creative skills in problem solving.

4 C - Reading with comprehension, writing with skill, and communicating effectively and responsibly.

4 D - Knowing and applying the principles of mathematics, the sciences, social studies, geography, and fine arts.

4 E - Working cooperatively and productively with others.

4 F - Meeting or exceeding state standards.

4 G - Being prepared and meeting deadlines.