Letter From Our Pastor

Welcome to St. George Parish School. We are school community dedicated to passing on our Catholic faith and values in an exemplary academic setting. Over and over you will be invited to experience more deeply the mystery of this faith and grow intimately with God and one another. You will have many opportunities to serve as you share your gifts and talents.

This booklet assists you to better understand your role as a parent in the life of your child's education. While we have tried to capture most of the expectations in policy form, it is important to remember that we are in a Catholic school and that the larger norms of the Church must be followed.

Parents, in Roman Catholic tradition, are the primary educators in the practice of faith. When a child is baptized for example, the parent is asked to publicly commit to raising the child in the practice of faith. In fact, Catholic schools were first established here in the United States for the primary purpose of educating children and parents in the faith of our Church. It is this emphasis on faith, and the moral teachings that flow from our faith, that provide the framework for your excellent education.

The framework that allows for a good teaching environment begins with you at home. Consider the importance of the following in your life:

  • Attending Church each Sunday to establish a pattern of worship in your family.
  • Blessing of food before meals as sign of family gratitude to God.
  • Sharing your money and time with the Church so that others might hear and believe.
  • Teaching children how to pray, both memorized prayer and spontaneous prayers to God.
  • Caring for your marriage, including respectful communication.
  • Example-setting by you, your spouse, and other adults in your family.
  • Setting clear expectations for the children in the household.
  • Caring for the poor and marginalized in our community as a sign of God's love for all.

The more your child sees these behaviors in you, the more likely your child will acquire Christian habits and develop a relationship with Jesus Christ. If you should find yourself away from the Catholic Church or find yourself without any church, I hope you will contact us so we can assist you.

In the meantime, let us pray for one another and for our children in the coming year. Thanks for being at St. George Parish School.

Father Felino Paulino, Pastor

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